Thursday, 11 November 2010


Well, I guess it was because today's date was pretty nice
I had lots of surprise after I woke up and wake my laptop

First of all,
I got an email from Nuffnang announcing the winners of Celcom BlackBerry Torch 9800
Didn't win it, well expected
If you guys followed my blog, you should know that I'm one of the participant
I'm not saying mine was good, but I'm seriously amazed of some creative bloggers' efforts
Unfortunately, they didn't turn out to be the winners as well

I will leave this statement to Tallboyz via his blogpost
Can help him to increase traffic in his blog as well..
But, please don't jam the traffic, it is too bad if he has to get help from the traffic police

Secondly, my second ChurpChurp tweet was out this morning
I'm kind of waiting for my income to increase!
Basically it is just a few cents, no big deal

I got a request from Power Over Cervical Cancer from Facebook
I'm not very sure whether this is true because it was pretty vague
If I'm not mistaken, they want someone to spread the cause and asked for my email

The fourth great thing about this date is...
I'm going to dedicate one blogpost for this at the end of the day

All right, this is pretty much a very lame post
Just need to BURP out what's obstructed in my mind currently



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link :)
Was quite sad and frustrated with the result.


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