Thursday, 11 November 2010

Sweet Forever PaMa..

I'm going to shout..
It is 11.11.2010 (again)

Happy 26th Anniversary to Daddy & Mommy!!!!

Well, this didn't make a difference to my dad, he still went to work today
Like any other day

My parents love to share their moments during supper
So, very simple celebration
Walked around supermarket, Dad got Mom an earrings then have supper!

Daddy & Mommy in Singapore

Our Supper
Although nothing BIG done for their BIG day, I think this is warm how to share the minimals
Dad wanted to try this long long time ago
Old Taste Chicken Curry Noodle
This dish was superb but spicy 

Wat Tan Hor
Cantonese kuey teow
Something light for my mom because the previous noodle is just too spicy for her 

My mom self-made pants!
I have been laughing the whole day seeing this pants
Mom still insisted how cute and nice it is
So cute la, mommy!




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