Saturday, 13 November 2010

What are you thinking?

Warning ahead!
Make sure you're above 18 years old to read this.
If not, parents' guidance is needed

I remembered during my senior year in secondary school, we had no interest in English for Science and Technology (EST) class
Other than because the contents of the class were so bored, we dislike the teacher as well
Due to our unappreciative reaction and body language in the class, the teacher started to nag at us
She was telling us that language is something very beautiful
(I am not sure why EST class become language class at that moment)
She even told us that in French, every items are alive with feelings and GENDERS
Yes, gender

Then, she started to give examples
Flowers are female, the sun are males and more that I don' t remember because it was almost 1pm that time
I'm waiting to be release impatiently

Until my friend that just walked into the class from toilet or somewhere else, without a clue what the teacher was talking about
She blurred out one sentence and then the whole class burst into laughter!
But our teacher doesn't look happy

Know what she said?

"Teacher, if it so, sharpener should be a female and pencil is the male!"

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Hilda Milda™ said...

HAHA i read about this before :p

sophiatai :) said...

LOL. where is the like button :)

alvinontherocks said...

Love the joke girl! Although, I think I will stick to mechanical pencils from now on cause if I don't people will start staring at me giggling to myself whenever I try to sharpen a pencil. :p

ph1l1p said...


Most Desirable said...

Hi Eli, That's true, many things do represent male & female. I guess the best representation of the genders is
the Chinese ying & yang symbol, which shows the equality of both sexes. That sign also shows that one cannot be without the other.Whoever came out with this symbol must be a genius, don't you think so? I wish it was me though=)

hans said...

I lobe this entry...
So funny..

P/S : Nak Buat Panggilan Hangit? Jangan Sampai Aku Hangitkan Kau Pula!


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