Sunday, 21 November 2010

Eye bags S.O.S!

All right, put aside my "messy" arrangement rows of teeth
Because I myself denied to put on braces

There is something else more important here

Anyone can suggest the best cure?

This is what I tried before:

Skinz Infinite Eye Revive Therapy
I don't really like this one 
I doesn't help much for my heavy eye bags
I love this tiny bottle that comes with pump
I like it that it helps to protect UV for my eyes
This is among the first eye cream that I bought that comes with UV protection
Anyway, I didn't see any improvement around my eyes after using it for more than a month
In conclusion : I passed it on to my mom because it has the anti wrinkle effects as well 

I still own both of this until now, which so far show a little sympathy to my eyes
Nano White Eye Brightener did give me the tightening effects upon applying the colorless gel
This is the one that I can afford and rely right now
Garnier Light Brightening Eye Roll On is FUN to play with and I love the cooling sensation
Well, I did not noticed much changes after using it but this Roll On thingy does give me some fun using it

 I just recently got myself this one from Elianto
Brightening Eye Zone Treatment Pack
RM12 per pack, 12 pairs
Used twice, which I think it is not so bad
The only problem I had was somehow I'm lazy or I don't have the time to take off my spectacles and put on this eye mask
Because, when I took of my spectacles, I hardly see a thing!
Mind you, my eyes are almost -6.75 myopia/short-sightedness

Yes, this is the one!
I tried this one year ago when my mom bought it during a promotion
That time, it even come with 3 eye masks
This is my FAVORITE!
Well, too bad the price isn't something that I can afford
*What an excuse as I can buy so many eye gels, I should had just bought this one instead*
I LOVE the tingling and acupuncture sensation upon applying the eye masks!
Bio Essence 24K Bio-Gold Brightening Eye Contours
No lies, my eyes had the best moment pampered by this last time
Save money, buy this!

Anyway, I still need opinions

Which is the BEST eye gel/cream for my SUPER DUPER HEAVY EYE BAGS?



Celeste said...

uh, maybe sleeping early would help? :S and it's free? LOL

anyway, heard using teabags (used) but take it out of the mug before adding the sugar would help if u leave it on ur eyebags for like 15 minutes..:)

sirei said...

i'm learning to use the natural solution.

try soaking milk and cold water to cotton pads and apply them on the eye bags for 15 mins.

tea bags works too

Xu Vin said...

i use concealer for black rings :P but yeah thats artificial and when the make up's gone, they reappear. :(

Tyng (梁绮庭) said...

put your pillow a bit higher so the fluid will drain. read it in a mag. lol

Tyng (梁绮庭) said...

and they did say not to drink too much water at night

sue ann said...

forget it lar!! hahhaha! the best cure is to sleep. and rejuvenate. which i think is almost impossible for now. hahaha. wait for the next hols.

y--square said...

I have no idea, I never had a eye bag problem, panda eye got lah XD

Albert said...

Get more sleep is the simplest solution everrrr (and also the hardest)

xing said...

This really helps. I have dark circles and eye bag too. Thanks =)

j said...



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