Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Indescribable day

It is just so awesome and awful at the same time when I couldn't get a word to describe how my day passed by in the hospital today
Awesome because it is just so nice that it can stay indescribable
Awful because it is not the best day yet and I'm having trouble with searching for an adjective to call it a day

It is kind of rare for me to have this feeling because usually I can rate well how was my day
I'm going to go classic for one blog post and bored you guys!

Dear Diary,

I set my alarm to annoy me 15 minutes before the time I had to wake up
Just for myself to have a chance to press on snooze
It was actually wonderful to snooze at least once before I really wanted to kick myself up
It was only 6.15am
AND it was pretty normal for people my age in university to sleep 1.30am the night before
Initially I'm going to blame myself burning the midnight oil revising topics for the next day assuring myself that I can just wake up the next day without a problem at all
My night mood proved my morning mood wrong!

Went to wait for my doctor outside the Operation Theater hoping that I can observe one early operation before my lecture at 9am
We left after the clock strikes 8.30am and I still haven't see my doctor yet
Lecture today was proactive, I should say
Even though she was strict and everyone was kind of going so unnaturally good along the lecture
I get to learn a lot from her
What freak me out was when she asked to lock the doors and chased latecomers out
Strict lecturers always has their ways and reasons to be good in one way or another

Surprisingly before we were presented about what is Vigilenz at 11am
We were provided free so-called breakfast
*Char Kuey Teow with "siham" (clam) and prawn leh*

But well, it was served 11am, I took it as my lunch and save up my money for the day
After the meal, Rachel started to present to us about Vigilenz and their medical products
My attention only get me through the 1st half and the ending
I was asleep someway in the middle of the presentation!

Clerk patient after that
Searching for gynae cases in all four wards
Preparing for tomorrow consultant ward round

Then, we had some productive yet messy workshop at 2pm
We were taught about suturing 
Let the pictures tell the story
It was fun but at the same time we were trying to get real serious on how this things work

*I told my friends that this look like a bunch of factory worker ladies getting work done*

Speaking about this, I was kind of lucky I guess
I thought it started at 2.30pm
But before 2pm, I was still walking around the ward with Kak Mah, eventually both of us were so tired and thinking we should check it out what some our coursemates doing there
Then we found a few of them already there in the venue where our workshop will be done
We were so tired that we just joined (This is a very dangerous statement and reality)
Just after awhile, doctors were here with Suturing practicing sets and begin to ask for attendance
Around that time, most of my coursemates gushed in and I thought it was 2.30pm already
Until I went to queued to get the set, I still didn't know that the so called "strict" lecturer was there
After some time, I asked one silly question to Sue Ann
"Since when the prof is here?"

If I didn't plan to take a rest somewhere around there, I would be the latecomer
And you can guess what will happen to me



*JacQueliNe* said...

Become a doctor in hospital is not easy.. All the best ya!<3


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