Wednesday, 10 November 2010

TLC Promise Me

I believe most of the readers in my blog are young people, the Gen Y.
Not to forget, my friends, most of them are medical students should understand the feelings of disabled and unfortunate people out there in this world. How much suffers they gone through not only physically but in social aspect as well.
So, I guess the target of this post is to everyone especially all of us the lucky and fit youngster to try to put up an effort if possible to give a helping hand, to fulfill one very little wish that means everything.

Does this look familiar to you?
No idea about it?

This is the logo for TLC Promise Me

TLC Promise Me is The Truly Loving Company (TLC) vision of social engagement for charitable causes. It is about channeling the collective energy of the community in helping the less fortunate, disabled and underprivileged in our society.  

Examples :
An orphan wishing to learn to ride a bicycle, or mentally challenged girl wishing to learn dance

These wishes become Promise Me pledges which a caring participant takes up and promises fulfill within a set of period of time. Promise Me is a TLC story which is about Stars that shine the brightest when everywhere else is dark. It is about touching lives of others with kindness in our hearts and pledges in our hands.

How to be part of it and to give a helping hand?

1. Donate

If you do not have the time and still want to support this campaign, you can write a cheque payable to the charities of your choice below :

Mail the cheque to:
The Truly Loving Company
Suite 1.08, First Floor,
Blk B HP Towers,
12 Jalan Gelenggang,
Bukit Damansara
50490 Kuala Lumpur,

2. Buy TLC Products!

Let your daily routine become an act of kindness

3. Get Involved
There may be not enough Promise Me pledges for everyone and this is because our commitment that every wish taken up must be fulfilled. These disadvantaged folks have been let down once and we cannot fail them again. Visit TLC Promise Me to check out the updated "Get Involved" if you can help in whatever way , contact our participant directly and together we can fulfill the wishes!

The charity participants are:

Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development
AIESEC Malaysia
ELC International School

5 Nuffnang bloggers had fulfilled 5 promises successfully
Let's take a look at their story HERE

For more information:

Well, I'm still a student now
Exclude pocket money from my parents, my only very little income comes from only Nuffnang, ChurpChurp and YouthSays
I haven't earn any money from all this yet, but still trying my best
If I am able to earn some for myself, I will donate 10% of my hard earn money to TLC Promise Me
(Hopefully I am able to)
Other than that, will divide some to my parents and buy my brother a drinks
This is my promise

Anyway, money doesn't drop from the sky
It is all hard earn
I will try my best

Thank you!




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