Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Dreamz Bakery

Yesterday after collecting my winning freebie from CLEO Magazinr in ACP Magazine, Uptown 2, I asked Jayren where I can find nice macarons around the area. Honestly, Damansara isn't my place at all. Zero idea about everything there, credit to my bad sense of direction and poor Geography grade.

This is where he recommend me and Qi Tyng to grab some mini macarons

Dreamz Bakery

It was located at the 2nd floor of the building
This cute dreamy sign was placed beside the staircase on the ground floor
(It was written there as  "3rd floor" but I prefer it as 2nd floor as I started from ground then 1st and 2nd, hope I didn't confuse you guys)

Somewhere placed at the staircase

Yay, finally we are here following the arrow!

There is a school-time blackboard placed outside the shop for any visitors to chalk down their message or anything, maybe a creative drawing

From the outside

Wall decoration inside Dreamz Bakery

Colorful, well-decorated packaging mini macarons!
Love how green they are by using paper bag and it looks so cute too
It is RM 15.90 per box, with 8 mini macarons in there

Close-up on the colorful macarons
The macaron is very sweet, that may be too sweet for some people
Not sticky but very soft!
Can't bite into half, it will crack the whole macaron and you'll end up eating the whole macaron in 1 session of mouth opening (I wouldn't say 1 bite, it needs a few bites to eat this before you swallow. Beware of choking)
I like the concept and packaging a lot
Overall, it is pretty tasty and a suitable gift for a macarons lover

Haven't really try all the macarons in KL yet, can't compare. So this is just a recommendation

How to contact them was clearly stated in the card

So, here is their Facebook : Dreamz Bakery
Visit their website: www.dreamzbakery.com

Browsing through their Facebook, they are really expert in making cakes in variety of pattern and style. Name it, draw a cake that you wish you want to have, they will have their way to make your dream comes true.



Hilda Milda™ said...

How much are they? As in one box of that? (: Niceeee!


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