Saturday, 21 May 2011

Family Gathering

The next morning after Pirates of the Caribbean premiere screening, my family came from Segamat, Johor. The first reason is to pay my cousin, Alex that has just come back from Hong Kong for his semester break a visit. The second reason will be my extended stay in KL has finally ended, it is time for me to go back home.

Awake by their conversation downstair, feeling really worn out due turning in late last night after the screening. My Mom even came into our room to wake me up, no choice, have to pick myself up and get ready because it is almost lunch time.

As usual, family lunch in Seri Petaling Seafood Village or we just called it Driving Range as the golf course is attached to the restaurant

Seri Petaling Seafood Village Restaurant
Lot 24221, Jalan Merah Silu,
Bandar  Baru Seri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03 – 90561095

My SOUR coconut drinks with super thin near negligible coconut flesh
Not my day, thought of having coconut drinks as it contains antioxidant that help slow down my aging after I had not enough sleep

Family members introduction
(Paternal side)

(L-R) Eldest aunt and grandma
Grandpa is at home, he didn't want to follow them to KL

Yours truly and parents
My Dad is the second child, the eldest son

2nd uncle (Dad's younger brother) with my cousins Qi Tyng and twins, Qi Ern & Qi Ying

On the right is my 3rd uncle 
With my aunt and Alex

Start to makan!
Qi Tyng's dad knew this place so well that he don't have to look at the menu to order the dishes
Pro already!

More food rolling in!

After lunch, we went over to a new supermarket in Kuchai Lama called NSK to have a walk and bought some stuff. It was public holiday and the supermarket is so full of people and kids running around with sword-shaped balloons.

Tyng asked "What does NSK stands for"
I have been wondering about that too, then I told her it might be "New Straits Kuchai!"
Oh, whatever and we think it fits in

After shopping, we went to have coffee and cakes in Kafe Indulge that was just right behind the supermarket, 100m. Qi Tyng & I joke that we should have just sprint here, it only takes 20 seconds than going in the car, drive out and search for parkings.

Waiting for coffee and cakes!

Coffee crepe cake
As a coffee addict, how can I say I not love this piece of cake here
But my Mom said it was bitter for her

Ah, this!
Can't get the taste out of my taste bud and mind now
Durian crepe cake
Oh my! This is super lovely!
Everyone agree that this is the best piece except my Dad, he loves the original milk crepe cake
My Dad is a cheese-butter-milk person, understood!

Alex's vanilla sundae

Then we jalan-jalan in The Store because they want to grab some bread home
No longer after that, yours truly have to get into the car and head back to Johor



Kian Fai said...

hahah crepe cake! :D sri petaling area a? LOL

Euniceee said...

yum was the seafood?recommended?

Hilda Milda™ said...

I've yet to try crepe cake :/ must try it once I'm back to KL!

Isaac Tan said...

such a big happy family wor eli :P so many ppl.. XD


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