Monday, 23 May 2011

I like Nippon Paint because they care

"Whatever you bought for us, it is still Dad's money"

That was my Mom's golden sentence when I bought something for them during their birthdays, Parents' Day or whenever I feel like getting them some stuffs from KL when I was home for a break. It might sound harsh some times but it was true. I'm a student that never experience working life, never got any salary before. My scholarship can't cover everything actually, which til the end I need their help financially.

For this very first time, I wish to win a gift for them without my Mom have to say that golden sentence that I shall miss one day. My parents' bedroom has no changes ever since they got married until now which is near 30 years to date. They have been working hard and keeping the money to give us the best education than using it on them to decorate their own bedroom. 

My parents' bedroom that never been redecorate or makeover for almost 30 years

I left home since 2007 to further my studies and I'm not able to accompany my parents. I heard Nippon Paint has a wide range of colors that can give different atmosphere and impact towards a room. I wish to give a warm, peaceful and friendly environment to my parents' bedroom as an accompaniment than having them resting in a room with dull colours wall. In addition to that, my Dad is currently still working in his retirement age just to keep us financially stable because none of us as children are earning yet. My Mom was a cancer survivor. Both of them need a tranquil and joyful bedroom to have a better rest and sleep. With that, I wish that Nippon Paint can have a room makeover for them so that I don't have to be so worry about them whenever I'm not around because I believe Nippon Paint cares.

(Picture courtesy of Nippon Paint Blobbies Facebook)

"I like Nippon Paint because they care"

Why did I say so?

Ideas & Inspiration 
Products range 
Paint Expert 
Odourless aircare 
Near to heart

#1 Natural

How I describe Nippon Paint as Natural? 

This is due to their commitment towards environmental wellness that was driven by philosophy of enhancing life through innovation. With this commitment, Nippon Paint comes up with Green Choice Series that cares for the environment as well as their user because Green Choice Series are:

Environmental Friendly
Less toxic, no added lead & mercury
Easy Breathability
Near zero VOC that lets us enjoy an almost odour-free experience
Heat Reduction
With Sunblock Technology reflects heat to cool the house and help saving energy
Bacteria Resistant
Protects the walls from bacteria to promote better hygiene and health
Provides tough resistance against algae, mould and corrosion

#2 Ideas & Inspiration

Keeping up with the latest trends each year, Nippon Paints has this Ideas & Inspiration section that keep us with the most to-date trend for our home. 6 categories were proposed to their ever-loving customers for this year colour trend - Colour Trends 2011, every colour has its story to tell

Back to Basics
Basic colours such as woody, forest greens that symbolise growth and renewal recreate a perfect natural sanctuary within homes where we can retreat and submit to tranquility
Individuality & Optimism
Inspired by the great deal of influence by the social networks. The lively, almost acidic shades of yellow and green evoke the post-futuristic images seen in today's pop culture & likely, tomorrow's fashion
Urban Treasures
Taking cues from the sleek, sensual silhouette of cityscape. Within home, these range of colours work seamlessly to create industrial chic with its alluring sophiscation
Sky's the Limit
Dare to let our dreams to take flight just as we did as kids, using chalk-smeared fingers to trace them in the air
New Luxury
In this increasing cluttered world, the ability to slow down and live in the moment lead to a new luxurious dimension
Homage to Culture
In unpredictable times, we always looking to our forefathers for their renewed strength and reassurance. Their unflappable wisdom keeps us grounded, their stories and challenges conquered a world of possibilities

#3 Products Range

A very wide range of products offer to Nippon Paint's customers from the inner to the outer layer of paint. Every product was made with technology and care to ensure the best for every customer's shelter.

Sealers and Primers
As the first coat that applies on to a new or repainted surface. It penetrates and help to seal the wall surface. Other than that, it protects paint against alkalinity and moisture on walls. Protect against:
Flaking & peeling

Interior Wall
Wide range of high quality and attractive paints for the interior home to WOW every person that walks into your house

Exterior Walls & Roof
To protect home from harsh weather, produces best finish that last for years

Wood & Metal
To enhance and protect wood and metal surfaces

#4 Paint Expert

Who doesn't know that Nippon Paint is the Pain Expert in paint industry. With their professional vision to guide light for everything they do in the aspect of integrity, entrepreneurship, partnership and quality. Nippon Paint has the background of 129 years of experience in paint technology and they are pleased to bring us advanced paint technology to protect and beautify your world. Nippon Paint is one of the major paint manufacturers not only in terms of its production capacity but also through impressive volume generated in terms of annual soles turnover

#5 Odourless Aircare

Nippon Paint put in a lot of effort to give the best care to all their customers and Odourless Aircare was created to keep all of us away from the harmful formaldehyde

Highlights of Odourless Aircare:
Absorbs formaldehyde, refresh air
Near zero VOC and odour
Superior washability and scrub resistance
Eggshell finish

#6 Near to Heart

Whatever Nippon Paint do to the community is all about CARE. From our most reliable and loving place, our home to our personal health. That is why I love Nippon Paint!

They have super cute blobbies too!

Did I tell you that I slept in between my parents when I was a kid on this bed?

Want to know more about Nippon Paint and their cute blobbies? Check it out in

*Finger crossed for my wish comes true*



Sherry Degarmo said...

can see u did put lotsa effort for this post. all the best!

Hilda Milda™ said...

Nice one! I got a strong feeling you're gonna get this, instead of your room, you choose to have yr parents' room! (:

~Snowman~ said...

nice post dear! ur wish will come true one day! =D

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Isaac Tan said...

I'm in awe eli! :) best of luck, and I know you'll get it!

Jayren Hann Yaw said...

Detailed and good post ! So good of you to blog this post for your parents ! Hope you win ! All the best ! =D

SiMon Har said...

oh i wan to blog for my parents too! nice entry!

Farah Ahmad said...

Goodluck Eli :)


darranlow said...

Really hope you can win this so your parents will smile at what you did for them. Indeed their room look like it can do with a huge revamp!

HenRy LeE ® said...

the drawings are cute... well done ya. Hope u'll win :)

Xu Vin said...

hey good luck w it! :D nice post. :P

theeggyolks said...

this is nicely written :D


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