Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean 4

The day that I'm waiting for had finally arrived. Extended my stay in KL just because of this.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Premiere Screening in 3D
Thank you Nuffnang for the tickets for the screening that made me feel so honored to watch 3 days before the release of the movie

The blockbuster was screened in GSC Mid Valley!

Bernard, Evelyn, Simon, Simon's movie partner, Qi Tyng, Jayren & I met up for dinner in Spaghetti Grill while Andrew joined in later

Appetizer for our dinner set meal - Soup of the Day
Chicken and mushroom soup with Jacob biscuits

Qi Tyng & I shared Hawaiian Pizza 
Our dinner end with the scoop of vanilla ice-cream

Tickets collection time!
Isaac in the front of the line with his wife, Janice

So nice of them to collect tickets for so many of us!
Thank you, Isaac & Janice!

This only happens when there is premiere screening by Disney movie
Got to surrender our devices

Our tickets!

The movie
It was great to see Captain Jack Sparrow again. Even though the starting of the movie wasn't as interesting as I expected, other than how he made the scone stuck at the chandelier and then mess up the whole town. The story grows after that and getting better when they were on the deck. I hope to see more of Jack Sparrow and Angelica. He still have the sense of humor that can tickle everyone to laugh. Can't stop laughing seeing him climb up the coconut tree and how he guess the pistol that has bullet or no bullet. It was interesting when it comes to the mermaid part :)

Not so much of 3D effects except the subtitles that I just can't take my eyes of reading them as the words are floating and popping out in front of me. Anyway, just go for 2D...

Remember to wait until the post credit scene!

Missed out so many screening with my blogger friends already. Finally get to meet Bern, Evelyn, Simon, Jayren, Isaac, Janice, Jackie, Li Chuen, Sherry, Carmen (thanks for the huggie), Edwin, Kah Mon & bf, Tony & Labii (the new couple, congrats!)

One more thing other than the movie...
Got this from Nuffnang when Isaac claimed the tickets for me

So happy that I won 3 OPI Pirates of Caribbean On Stranger Tides Limited Edition nail polishes
It is RM 59 each!

Thank you, Nuffnang

P.S - The cinema hall is so COLD....



Isaac Tan said...

woot, someone so happy till update blog so fast! Great! I love it :)

and yes, freaking freezing in the movie hall. lol!

toninkush said...

Lol arigato. congrats to you too on getting the prizes haha

jfook said...

Going to watch it. But self paid. T__T

crazier said...

hey, anything in post credit scene?? yesterday i just go when black credit scene come out...........and congrat on winning OPI!!!!

Kian Fai said...

wow you won the nail thing! polish fast! =P show us!

Hilda Milda™ said...

Weeee congratssss on winning the OPI nail polish! :D Who else got it?

p/s: wow another new blogger couple LOL congrats tonin and labii C:

reanaclaire said...

hello..coming by on a public holiday!

Tyng (梁绮庭) said...

macam locked in freezer. luckily the movie no snow scenes. hahahah!

r10 said...

film ini tidak dirilis di indonesia :(


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