Friday, 20 May 2011


Went all the way to Millenium Square for lunch few weeks ago and for the first time, I tried this place that have been recommended by a few people, Piccadilly

I kinda like the ambience here, very comfortable

This simple-looking menu is crazy

See, when open up, it is so long, so many pages FULL of list of dishes

3/4 pages of the menu
Tired of capturing the menu, I gave up on the 1/4
Need to bring a big group of people here to try different kinds of food that they serve 

Belacan Siam Fried Rice
RM 5.90

Spaghetti Carbonara with Mix Seafood
RM 12.50
The smell of the carbonara sauce is super cheesy and creamy before it lands on the tongue
I like the Extra creamy taste and the sauce is thicker than any other sauce served in other places
The mix seafood that they served were prawns and squids, too bad they don't have mussels

Orange juice, as usual

Will go back to try out more food!

LG006 & LG007,
Millennium Square, Dataran Millennium PJ,
98, Jalan 14/1, 46100 Petaling Jaya.LG006 & LG007, Millennium Square Jalan 14/1
46200 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia



Kian Fai said...

hahaha orange juice . . . looks like half half juice got 2 color LOL

Piccadilly always got many people there while the soccer match is ON hehe

Hilda Milda™ said...

What I love the most about picaadilly is the lightning fast internet speed :p the food is just okay to me (:

Isaac Tan said...

wah?? why the menu so many pages? They have so much variety?

Bawa isaac next time XD

Ho kang tao said...

Yaya,so many foood!!!
yet they are able to prepare ur food kinda fast??
am i right??
Food okay laa,just the banana split is not with fren very nice if no smoking thre..=D

bendan said...

Woaa... Spaghetti Carbonara looks really creamy. Isn't it too much sauce compare with other restaurant.
but seriously, I prefer more sauce like this!! Yummeh.. XD

~Snowman~ said...

waa! the menu *scares me* =P


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