Sunday, 15 May 2011

Emo Steamboat

Finally we get to have an emo meet up to dine together
We have been talking about steamboat for quite some times
Elwyn, the Emo King recommended a steamboat restaurant in Taman Cheras
8 of us attended (Elwyn, Isaac, Janice, Simon, Jayren, Qi Tyng, Andrew & I)
Too bad, Glow, Carmen, Tikkoss, April and Snoopy couldn't join us

Restoran AS Wang

The plan was to meet up in BHP petrol station but Jayren, Qi Tyng & I were late
So, Elwyn directed us to the restaurant by phone calls
Andrew joined us after that

The menu 
With 7 types of steamboat soup to choose for
We picked Tom Yam and Herbal soup!
Who wanna miss out Tom Yam when comes to steamboat

All of us ordered herbal tea, but they served us barley
When all of us gave us the blank face, the waiter told us today's herbal tea is barley
*Smack head*

Fried wantan with mayonnaise as starter


A bigger plate than the previous one

So many eggs, mee hoon and yee mee
We couldn't finish this part

Fried fu chuk

Let's the Emo Feast begins!

Everyone so excited putting in the food into the soup to be cooked!


We put in too many food that the Tom Yam and herbal soup had mixed together 


Simon quoted that he and Isaac looks like brothers here
See, he is waiting for Isaac to serve him! LOL

Overall, I enjoyed the steamboat. But I prefer the Tom Yam soup to be MORE SPICY!
AND, hope someday the Mr. President Tikkoss is here with us

Total damage : RM 124.00 which is RM 15.50 per person



Hilda Milda™ said...

I thought Tikkoss was the president, so now Elwyn took over huh? :P

Elwyn~! said...

Tikkoss is still president and number 1. I am emoking because I emo all the time and I am number 5. And since president is not around, then the king steps on lor. VP is also there.

Isaac Tan said...

fun times! May there be more :)

~Snowman~ said...

I want steamboat too! tom yam! Yums! =D


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