Friday, 6 May 2011

HTC Desire S: Overall

Coming to the overall personal experience and opinions after calling this phone mine for a certain period, I seriously had turn into a gadget dummy into someone who tend to use up my time make full use of what I was given – HTC Desire S.

It is going to be an honest personal view about HTC Desire S who has been my very important companion that drives me through ups and downs these days. In this era of  ‘you-must-have-a-mobile-with-you-no-matter-how-old-are-you’, everyone starts to live with phone, eat with phone and sleep with phone. Even World Cup couldn’t beat them, when everyone is tweeting about the score and the losses, damn even you watch World Cup with your phone. HTC Desire S has keep my life being like one of those, guess after this life would be much miserable when HTC Desire S no longer serving me. Having this opportunity, all thanks to Maxis for having Maxis10 Reviewers Programme :)

Honestly, I have tiny palms, which lots of nowadays phone with super sleek design and big screen could hardly fits in comfortably. I would really want to the thank the designer of HTC Desire S that makes me fall in love in gripping it here and there, swinging it hard without having it slip off my hand and cause me embarrassment in the public. The curvy part of its body has given me a steady hold on it when I’m lying on my bed texting. I wouldn’t want to mention which phone I’m using before this here, but I would say that phone always slip off my hand when I’m lying on my bed texting and end up I have to close my eyes hard enough when it started to fall towards my face!

I don’t really have a comment about the display and the screen, which comes with the function of multi touch, auto rotate which I pretty sure it has apply to most of the smart phones out there as the basics.

Speaking about HTC Sense UI, frankly this is my 1st attempt on HTC phone which did make me wonder of what so special about HTC Sense. HTC Desire S isn’t the earliest phone with the HTC Sense UI, so this isn’t something that new in the community but it does give me a new impression on how this works. Very convenient, I would say and yeah, it really makes sense. No more awkward moment in the meeting or in class, forget all the frustration of missing calls here and there, as well as turning myself into a well-organized person with Friends Stream and my contacts are nicely arranged together with their Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp profile. A direction dumber like me would really love how the map works with compass, a lot of thanks for giving me hope in finding a place that I had never been there without feel like crying.

What’s make HTC Desire S special? Who is the best HTC Desire S user?
After experiencing it, I would say to every multi taskers, this is your phone, go get it! It never fail to help me multitask! Play the music, read a text, search a word online and get your Angry Birds strike a 3-star game. Not a problem at all! Easy, smooth (not a single lag) and fast!

One thing I had been talking was the camera, both primary and secondary. Refer my post HTC Desire S: Camera to know more about how the photos turn out to be snapped by the primary 5MP color camera and secondary VGA front camera.

Overall, from having a great design, running on the most advance Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) for now, camera, HTC Sense to the price, I would say this is one phone to be considered. Signing package from Maxis now, HTC Desire S will be yours for RM 1,299, an affordable price compared to its Desire siblings. It may not provide the 8MP camera with dual flash, not having the biggest internal storage or being the phone that everyone is talking about, I would say for the price coming with Gingerbread that could help you to run apps faster with wider apps market is worth.



Isaac Tan said...

Qi Wen, you're doing such a wonderful job reviewing this phone. Maybe you should compile all the posts into one, and submit it to cnet or something. XD


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