Thursday, 19 May 2011

sweet chat

After bowling session, the one who should treat us end up didn't treat but suggesting us to drop by in sweet chat. It actually took us quite long looking for this place because it is a kiosk and we end up at the wrong direction even after looking at the directory. I know I'm hopeless in this sense and looks like I got friends.

sweet chat

Guess the biggest picture in the cover of the menu should be the best right?

Since this isn't really lunch or dinner, we just take it as tea time
It was around 3.30pm

Bernard's Grilled Chicken Salad
It is a salad that can cause you blowing fire from your mouth
It is a spicy salad!

Qi Tyng's scones with butter and blueberry jam

Zompire & I shared this
Mango Sago Soup
Nice! Up to my liking with the milky and creamy taste

Qi Tyng, Zompire & I shared this durian pancake
Other than My Honeymoon, this is so far the nicest!
Sure going back for this again

Qi Tyng's Fruit Tea
I didn't taste it, can't comment about it

They have filling meals too, the smell of the curry mee ordered by people near our table really tempted me. I'm definitely going back to give it a try.



Isaac Tan said...

Dulian pancake! Until now I havent tried these anywhere! :P

Hilda Milda™ said...

I always passed by this shop while I'm on my way to Cotton On :P but never tried it.

bendan said...

How much is it?? I'm hoping to try?? Expensive??


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