Thursday, 19 May 2011

Our World, Their War

There is one day...

From the spaceship of the Martian...
It then turns out to be the Breaking News not only for the Earth, but the Martians as well

The Breaking News in Mars


On the Panasonic TV used by the Martians: 
"You are now watching Mars News!"

Martian #: 
"Good day, Martians. I'm your newscaster for today. My name is #. As you know, couple of hours ago, the Earth had DESTROYED. There is no more news available in the Earth and this is the only news in the universe"


Martian #: 
"Captured by our reporter, we identify a jet escaping from the Earth before the Earth exploded and come to an end. From our close up view with the most advanced technology, it is confirm that the jet is a McDonnel Douglas F-15 Eagle. Let's that a look at this jet"

Martian #:
"McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle was believed seen by several Martians as witness few days ago getting into the Earth. Experts had make a few investigations that this jet is not a normal jet and it will transformed into a robot. This sounds terrifying. Let's take a look how this jet will transform and roll out to become a robot"

"This is the robot with the name Starscream, a member of Decpeticon with rank number 9. While we wait for our reporters to gather the news they got from the Earth, let's see what President * would like to say."


President *:
"To my fellow Martians, as everyone know that Earth had destroyed and now we believed it was Starscream. Mars, being the nearest planet to the Earth must take great caution regarding this matter. We are now tracking down Starscream's master with the name of "She-has-No-Name". With that I will increase the security of Mars. Thank You"

Martian #:
"Now, we got the latest picture of "She-has-No-Name", which we believed the Master of Starscream and Decepticon before she explodes the Earth"

This was the "She-has-No-Name" latest statement to the media before the end of the world

"Starscream has the passion that I love. His enthusiasm and ambition in overthrowing Megatron (his leader) as leader of Decepticon attracts me to pick him to destroy the Earth with me. He is stronger than any other Decepticon after he had rise up from all the losses he had bet with Megatron and his passion has no competitor. With his experience as Decepticon Air Commander, I believe he has a great military tactics. I'm someone impatient and Starscream rely more on guile and speed, which is just right for me. Earthlings and Autobots, see you"


Martian #:
"Welcome back to Martian News! Our reporters had gathered the news from the Earth they got a couple of hours ago. Let's take a look how Starscream destroyed the Earth."

"With Starscream's arms mounted with launchers which is under the wings in jet mode, it started to fight with the Earthlings and Autobots with 2 types of weaponry. Firstly, the Cluster Bombs that can cause damage to the level of an area of 10,000 square feet. Secondly, Starscream's signature weapon Null Ray, which can disrupt flow of electricity in any circulatory he hits for a brief period."

"Starscream used the Null Ray to cut off all the electricity in the Earth and also effectively render the Autobots temporarily inoperable. During that period, Cluster Bombs will be use to destroyed the Earth and Autobots. Starscream will then transform into jet with the speed up to Mach 2.8 and the ability to climb up to suborbital altitudes of 52 miles and nose dive down to ground level in minutes, beating the military jets used by the Earthlings"


On Panasonic TV:
Talk With Expert

Martian #:
We are glad that we have Professor ? with us now, the Expert of Robots in Mars to talk about Starscream briefly. Welcome to Martian News, Professor ?. Every Martians know that Starscream wouldn't have the power and ability to destroy the Earth. How can this happen this time, Professor?"

Professor ?:
"Hi and thank you, #. This has been a question among all of us in the Robot Department of Mars. After a few hypotheses that have been presented by our fellow experts, we believed She-has-No-Name has modify Starscream by inserted a card called "Ultimate Movie Card" into Starscream that can increase its power up to a triple. The location of the "Ultimate Movie Card" inserted in Starscream has so far not identifiable yet. The Robot Department of Mars will work this out as soon as possible, because this might danger the Mars in the future, we afraid."

Martian #:
"Thank you, Professor ? for the information which is very much important for all of us. To all the Martians, if you happened to see this "Ultimate Movie Card" mentioned by Professor, please contact us at the number displayed on your Panasonic Viera 3D Plasma TV that all of you had at home"

"Thank you for watching Martian News and we will update you more about the Earth Destroyed progression from our Experts. See you again, bye bye"

She-has-No-Name and Starscream had just escaped seconds before the Earth explode.
Where are they?
Who are their next target?


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