Saturday, 14 May 2011

Last day in NCSM

Whoosh! 2 weeks of elective in National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM) had passed
12th May marked the last day of work for the 3 of us here in NCSM
After days of doing telemarketing, team and volunteer recruitment, visit to the Women's Cancer Detection Center, Nuclear Medicine and Cancer Treatment Center in Tung Shin Hospital
Before leaving, we had an opportunity to learn mammogram imaging interpretation from Dr. Sulaiman and how to break the bad news from Dr. Dalilah

Love the cozy environment in the office of Resource & Wellness Center
Love the music they play continuously in the room
Love the chocolate chips smell in the meeting room
All colleagues were so friendly and warm
We were treated so many times

For our last day, they came up with calling McDonald's delivery for everyone
They treated us AGAIN!
Then the idea of ordering the LARGE set that comes with FREE Coca-Cola "Can" glass popped out

Late lunch for everyone in the office!
Look at all the LARGE coke, so sweet and fattening!

My lunch!
Thanks to all the NCSM colleagues for the treat
Calories intake for the day OVERLOADED

Juicy Spicy Chicken McDeluxe!
With extra chili sauce, yummy

My elective-mates
Left: Suganthini
Right: Shalisha Jaelyn

Together with the other staffs there
Left to right:
Shalisha, Hussain (our intern from Maldives, a very cute guy!), yours truly, Dinie (new staff and a super cool guy!)

3 of us sneaked out of the office before the lunch arrived to get American Brownies and Carrot Slice for our helpful colleagues that had guide us throughout these 2 weeks

They called us the Highest Commission Earners for the charity events that we worked out, The Moon Speaks for My Heart concert & Relay For Life KL 2011

With all the staffs in Resource & Wellness Center!
(Hussain left early, not in the picture, so left Dinie the only guy)

Miss that place now!



Hilda Milda™ said...

Congrats in completing your elective (: So niceeee, get to eat mcD!

jamie writes said...

good job, babe! :D

K.R Paranga said...

cool cake...i mean brownies..
I love Mcdo
Love ko 'to!

Mr Lonely said...

hope you enjoy your days...

Isaac Tan said...

Woot. last day celebration! Grats on completing it eli!


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