Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Kenny Rogers

A decade ago, when my brother and I was young, we used to tour Melaka a few times in a year. Those old time, there isn't much fast food or food outlet to choose other than the food court, McDonald's and KFC. Kenny Rogers Roasters has always been our craving and we can only have it in Melaka.

Well, until now Kenny Rogers Roasters still not available in Segamat. That is why our KFC outlet here is always full of people. Poor chickens

After countless year I never enter Kenny Rogers outlet, I'm here again with my friend before the Thor movie during my time in KL

Kenny Rogers outlet in Berjaya Times Square

My Drumstick Delight with the choice of either rice or macaroni with cheese
A very small portion, isn't that satisfying after whole day of work
The drumstick is so small and meat-less
Not a dish to recommend

With my Vanilla Cafe Latte
Love the drinks more than the food!

Friend's egg sandwich with coleslaw
A very healthy choice

Overall, I can see Kenny Rogers Roaster had expand its variation of food choice from only chicken to having the choice of macaroni and sandwiches, lots more. I'm not sure about the healthy choice here, but from my knowledge, I bet roasted is better than fried chicken in KFC or McD, correct? I am not very happy with the current dishes they served and quite disappointed with the quality compared to before. This might be my personal taste buds opinion, but somehow I bet it is still a lot of people's favorite food.



bendan said...

There's one just at the GK big main road. LOL!! XD

My mum did brought us there, childhood story la.. It's more like malay restaurant already.

Isaac Tan said...

Compared to KFC, i will choose mc d.. compared to Nandos, i will go for Kenny ROgers. I have a thing for their coleslaw.. lol!

Kian Fai said...

but drumstick with the amount of cheese shall be satisfying right hehe

maybe the person who serve this muka masam LOL

Kyril D. Soul-X said...

kenny rogers! i still remember when i was a kid, they used to grill the chicken with wood.. now all use gas already =(

Euniceee said...

Their chicken really taste good, but the chicken is getting smaller and smaller in size...should name it , chicky meal...=P

Tyng (梁绮庭) said...

that branch not nice kot. I ate in Kenny Rogers Mid Valley this year and it was tasty. LOL.

ada season XD

Jesssss said...

Hmm! I love cheesy macaroni! :D


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