Monday, 2 May 2011

Back to KL

Woots! I'm back to KL again and this time is for 2 weeks elective posting that I'm going to do in National Cancer Society Malaysia with Shalisha & Suganthini

Qi Tyng and her family tried Chilly Pan Mee that day and she told me it was not bad. So, today my parents and I had lunch in Chilly Pan Mee in Sri Petaling, opposite The Store.

#1 Menu!
It was written as Chilli Pan Mee in the menu but the sign board outside the shop was Chilly Pan Mee, either way it pronounces the same with different definition

#2 Dry chili pan mee
It was served without the chili flakes so that you can add the chili flakes according to the level of spicyness that you opt to. This is where the difference is compared to Jojo Little Kitchen Pan Mee where they already served a certain amount of chili beforehand, which is located somewhere near Chilly Pan Mee as well.

#3 Close up picture of the dry chili pan mee!
Noodle, egg, minced pork, anchovies, fried onions

#4 Chili flakes
Add it in your pan mee at your own risk!
Well, I have to say I prefer the chili flakes in Jojo Little Kitchen than this because the one they served there had more small prawn taste which tickle my taste buds for more

After I settled down in Cheras, went all the way to Sunway Pyramid with Jayren

 Head to Ministry of Food (MOF) for dessert!

#5 Matcha Sundae
RM 15!
Vanila sundae with matcha sauce
A scoop of matcha ice cream
2 slices of watermelon
1 slice of peach
When scoop more towards the bottom, there are cornflakes, nata de coco and gula melaka!

#6 Matcha Sundae from another view
Certainly going back for this again!

Total damage in MOF : RM 16.50

Dinner time!

#7 Bar.B.Q Plaza

#8 Economy Pork Set
Sorry for the super warm effect here, they are having orange light there
We shared the Economy Pork Set 
RM 20.90
Sorry, non-halal

#9 COOK!
Now I wonder why this picture isn't orange
Cook cook cook!
Had this with a bowl of rice

#10 The sauce!
This is the best part of the whole meal
Chili padi, garlic and lime sauce mixed into the sauce
Super yummylicious
Can even refill the sauce!

Had this dinner with a cup of cold green tea, blessing!
Total damage for this dinner RM 32.35 for 2 pax

The main purpose why I want to be in Sunway Pyramid is to visit the Laneige counter in Parkson
Last year 9th January my university AMSA was the committee for East Asian Medical Student Conference (EAMSC), being part of the marketing group, we were rewarded Parkson RM 50 Cash Voucher and the expiry date is 12th May 2011!

 #11 Water Sleeping Pack_Ex
Out of thousands thing to choose inside Parkson, I choose you! (throwing Pokeball =.=)
I have been eyeing Laneige products like years ago until I saw my roommate having them
This is my first luxury facial product ever!
This cost RM 100, but I'm first-timer Laneige customer, so they gave me a 20% discount and I get to buy this for RM 80
With the RM 50 voucher, I only pay RM 30 for this! 
Very big tub!

#12 Club Laniege
Once you purchase an item from Laneige, you will be a member of Club Laneige
There will be rewards with terms and conditions apply, as usual
Now I have the Laneige membership card in my purse, feel so 'yeng' (=.=")

 #13 Free samples!
The beauty consultant, Sunny is really nice of her
She even gave me the whole set of free samples that were in the same range with the Water Sleeping Pack_Ex, too bad she is out of the toner samples
But well, "cheapo" like me is already very happy to bring home so many stuff when I only pay RM 30!

#14 The Face Shop
Dropped by at The Face Shop for nail polish
They are now having promotion of any 3 bottles of nail polish for RM 12 comes with the bag and a box of cotton!
Hard to resist, I grabbed the top coat and nail polish remover Lavender as well
Total damage here : RM 27.80

I'm glad to be back in KL again!
Date me out for dinner, peeps!



Hilda Milda™ said...

I've tried only Chili Pan Mee from Chilly Pan Mee shops heh shall try Jojo's one next time! Waaaa shop so much today *envy*

Isaac Tan said...

chili pan mees are always delicious no matter at where. Its something about the chili. with the dried prawns and sambal and all! Hehe

Xu Vin said...

i love chilli pan mee too :P


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