Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Pink Party @ Zouk

Finally, Power Over Cervical Cancer (POCC) has comes to its target and now is calling everyone to celebrate this great achievement together with them after sweats and bloods of effort in making this to where it is now.

POCC is an event organized by National Cancer Society of Malaysia (where I work now!) supported by GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical (GSK) to educate Malaysian women about cervical cancer and its prevention options. 

To know more about what is POCC, you can read HERE

Here we are now, happily inviting everyone to join us celebrating this great success in Zouk this coming Saturday, from 8pm to 10pm!

As the blogger ambassador for this campaign, I'm here to promote and do whatever I can to make this event a success either in sending the message to the public, raise the awareness or to remind myself how important this campaign is to learn more for my career.

Unfortunately, I couldn't attend the celebration party that night due to some reasons which I didn't get a chance to enjoy it alongside with the fellow ambassadors. National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM) has come with this event successfully, always holding on with 3 objectives : To Support, Educate, Care. Much salute to them.

Coincidentally, I'm working with them for my elective for 2 weeks where I am still working there now. Well, I guess they didn't know I am their blogger ambassador.

All right, back to this party in Zouk!

For those who is interested, you can now register online to get your FREE entry ticket before 13 May 2011. Click HERE, you're on your way to the PARTY!

Theme: POCC Celebrate Life with Your BFF Pink Party
Venue: Zouk KL
Time: 8pm-10pm
Date: 14th May 2011

First 500 attendees with received a goodie bag each and gifts await those who register and turn up in a group of 4 and more, given on first come first serve basis!

Dress in PINK, and you will in running to get Anna Sui gifts!

Tickets can be collect from 7pm onwards

Thanks for those who supported this event and make this a success!



bendan said...

Wow, blogger ambassador for this campaign oh!! Cool~ See whether who from innit joining, maybe I could join them. XD

Kian Fai said...

oh is . . . U promote only is it? =P

u going ar?


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