Sunday, 22 May 2011

Nothing is easy

After so long without words post....

Coming to realize, I have not update about myself in this space for quite a long period of time. Most of the post that I have been putting up these days were reviews about food and events, and not to forget my first ever unexperienced gadget reviews.

I have a lot of people tapping my shoulder telling me how great it was to know that I'm now doing Medicine. Being in medical school has always give people impression that we are a bunch of geek or nerd that has no life. From the outside, we are so-called the smart people that has no life holding thick books and those who are not afraid of blood. For the patients, we were the most annoyed kid that has no idea why we were there asking the same question and taking their blood for no reason causing them more pain. For the doctors, we are the most brainless people in their hierarchy that never do revision before class and giving them nonsense answer. While for the nurses, we are the young haters that love to disrupt their job that eventually one day they have to serve us.

Throughout 3 years, lots of word had been throwing towards me (exclude my another 265 course mates that I have). Example:

You're not a safe doctor
Do you ever think you're going to graduate like this?

Being told I was brainless wasn't the worst thing in life. What's worst was when a doctor looking in your eyes telling me that I am not a safe doctor. Nothing more important than knowing what is in front of me because it is dealing with the most cruel micro creatures in the world that has no mercy and LIFE. There is this one point in the posting that we gave it an award for being the Most Crazy Posting ever that I asked myself "Is this what I want?"

Yes, it is



~Snowman~ said...

haha! i believe u are a safe doctor la deary! don't say that! =P just be the Eli we always know! =D

隽宇 said...

Ah, those words. How nostalgic.

I believe most of us had our share of such comments.

And how they sounded so familiar. I wonder if they are from the same person? :P

Isaac Tan said...

safe doctor? Is there such a word? :P all docs are equal la, they provide care and help when we're in need. No such thing as safe or unsafe doctor. :P

Xu Vin said...

yeah u go girl! :D it's all about learning through experience i guess. every1 tries their best to be a safe doctor.


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