Sunday, 1 August 2010

Inconsistency run

I feel really sleepy now after 3km barefoot run on the treadmill and a nice shower.
If I am to run 3km on the road and on the treadmill, I guess things will be different.
I couldn't finish even 1km when I am on the road, I feels dizzy after awhile.
Running on the treadmill or at place, I can continue like forever.

I never put much efforts in long run since I was born, I think
The only thing I know is when teacher wants us to sprint 75 meters then 100 meters
Since then, I have been sprinting 100 meters
I can't stand 200 meters
I will only start off fast for the 1st 100 meters
The next 100 meters, the other runners will sprint passed me looking at me
And then...
Tertinggal kat belakang =(

Gawd. How am I going to jog and run in nature lah?




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