Monday, 2 August 2010

How many skin products I have now?

I have always been saying ,"What the hell people using so many skin products at one go?"
I remembered reading an article about our very own Miss Malaysia Universe one of the year, Tyng and I almost have to pick up our jaw from the floor (jaw drop) when she mentioned she used 10 to 13 cream in the morning and 7 at night.

"Duh.. What is she applying?"
That was the very first question.

So, we started counting while we couldn't sleep on the bed.
For morning, there are moisturize, sun block, eye cream, anti-ageing cream, blemish cream/gel, spot corrector, hydration gel. We couldn't continue after that. 
"Is toner included as one of the morning cream?"

All right, then we start counting on night cream.
Night moisturizer, eye cream, anti-ageing cream, blemish gel, spot corrector, hydration gel. There are only 6. What is the last one?
This is what we come up with : Moon block!
Morning we use sun block, at night we use moon block...

Until today, we still joke about this.
BUT, you will never know how many skin products plus hair products I am using right now.
Although I don't have to count to 13 for my cream morning or night, I have pretty much cream with me.
The point is, I don't have to use it ALL at once.

It is either a hobby or an addiction 
It is a hobby AND addiction going into major pharmacy retails and grab any stuff

Everything seems to be in promotion and sounds good
In the end, I am grabbing every stuff of every brand in there

I can even tell you which one caused me breakout and which one leave me oily skin after waking up
Exclude those bomb-like price products that I don't have to mention
Even though I had lots of experience using those product first hand by myself or reading through super lots of review from magazines and webpages, I am now on the wrong track of facial products.
Currently I am using a product that target their age group of 25 to 40.
But, I feel good with it and yet to have any skin problems, so I guess should be all right

The question is : Have a guess how many skin products I have in my Prisma Perdana room now?

Rojak of stuff in one the shelf attached to my table
Exclude my comb, hole puncher, stabilo pen and the green bag on the left
The remaining are all the products I has been talking about
So many hidden at the back there

You would definitely said "Bazir duit!!!!!" after I told you how many same type of products I have
At least that is what my brother will say




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