Friday, 27 August 2010

Day 26 : what do you think?

Day 26 : What do you think about your friends?

If I call someone as a friend and the other different person as friend as well, it means it brings no border in between the meaning of friends. And I believe, friends are somebody God gives me to take care of me. It is not important how I think about them, the most is how we treat each other with heart as friends. Nothing beats sincerity and the truth to make friends and to maintain a friendship. It does not comes one to one, and it is not like love which one plus one equal to two. Friends do not work with only two, it works in a circle, we called it social circle. It works together likes the saying "we are on the same boat", we called it friendship. Some negative or bias thinking about friends seriously will appear in some circumstances, little did we noticed it only happened when there are pressure and unpleasant moment. 

I apologize to my friends and all of you if I am harsh sometimes or coming up with very embarrassed negative body language towards anyone. I forgive those unwanted emotional negative attitude towards me. It is because I believed as friends, we did not want to hurt each other, we have no intention. It happened may due to misunderstanding or maybe our own very silly act and sudden drop of EQ. I personally see it as Newton's First Law of Motion.

" Every object persists in its state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line unless it is compelled to change that state by forces impressed on it "

There are still a lot more definitions to go for how do you think of your friends. It can be positive, negative, neutral or even a LIE. Sometimes, people might think, since I am blogging in public, I am writing something that trying to impress the others about myself. If this is what people think after reading this, you need to know about me more. I am not good in approaching anyone to build up a friendship, I am not good in initiating any conversation because I always start off lame. I am not good in giving reaction after a joke. But deep in my heart, I wish I can do the best for my friends.




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