Thursday, 12 August 2010

Day 11 : High school & now

Day 11 - another picture of you and your friends

Hmm, I am thinking to put up more than one picture here in this post. Feels the urge to do that. Most people know my current life now very well, so I decided to put up pictures of my high school friends and I, which I hardly introduce them in my blog. When life getting busy and looking forward, some times we tend not to turn back from where we are. However, my friends in this small town called Segamat has grown up with me in our precious teenage life. It is funny when I recall my time in high school. The main problem is always "to friend or not to friend". I used to stand in the middle of the situation and unable to give any appropriate opinions.

Our time when we were in Form 4 with the rabbit from Science Club
We are now in different places chasing our own dream

This year Chinese New Year 2010 in Wen Li's house
I am glad that all the pretty ladies surrounding me now still stay in touch until now

Gathering during Chinese New Year in Old Taste 
Spot Shalisha in there?
Yeah, she was my classmate a.k.a class monitor and now my coursemate

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