Friday, 20 August 2010

Day 19 : nicknames XD

Day 19 : nicknames you have; why do you have them

Read as 'man' (not lelaki itu 'man', is in a very baku way of MAN like how you read rah"man")
It was given based on my name "Wen" translated to Cantonese.
My family members called me mun mun since I was born until now.

Don't misunderstood, my mom called me baby because I am the baby of the family.
And I act like one too..

Duh, it was given by Raha, my high school friend.
She mentioned that my name Qi Wen (that people used to call as keevan) when she repeated my name lots of time, she said it sounds like chicken
Don't you think there is no relationship at all?

-Xiao Mei-
This nickname was only called by my friends in KMJ.
Usually it is by May, Shey Man, Sin Ying and Wei Li
It is also because I am the youngest of all

Some "ulat" ask me to add this in as well
Eww.. I myself hate cockroach so much after it crawled on my feet twice back in KTSN last time
Obviously, it was given by "ulat" because she feels so lonely for being the only worm and she needs cockroach as friend



n_myza said...

ade ag laaa ... qi wen... cockcroach


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