Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Day 30: Learning issues answered!

Day 30 : in this month, what have you learned

I always have lack of self awareness and reflection on what I do. Hardly refill the lacking in me. This is even tougher than writing a book or speaking in front of the public. Even if I can list down what I have learned this August, it hardly to be so true or real. But I believed, indirectly I must have learned a lot having internal medicine and community health posting filled in this 31 days. This task comes at the right time but not at the right place. Reflecting myself at the end of the month, seriously is something an oriented and discipline person will do. That is why this is completely so-not-me. And, this task trigger my neurons to come out with something that I have never think before.

Sometimes it is better to think inside the box than outside the box.

Pay attention and take action 
*Learned this during internal medicine posting. I mentioned previously I yawned a lot and have very short attention span. I always hope a class or teaching to end fast, so I don't pay attention after 15 minutes. After the class, I did not practice or take any action on it. That is why the short case examination feels so awkward to me*

Don't guess what your friends are thinking
*Sometimes we are curious why our friends did this or that through their body language and also their incomplete conversation with anyone. We used to think otherwise than what is real, some times, I don't emphasize on every time. It is because what we think and guess is actually reflecting what we ourselves will do if we are in his/her position. That is not the way of understanding our friends, but understanding our true self*

Love myself
*Never keep complains how sick and painful to the same person again and again even though close friends. It is not that a true friend will think you are annoying, it feels like you don't love yourself by creating a better situation for own self. It is hard to explain how it feels...*

Be open and brave
*I am not a very open and approaching person, not very brave in front of people. I learned this must not go on when I am doing community survey. I am lucky to have two very brave and outspoken team member during the survey. But that teach me a lesson that being open and brave is really the way to work with other people and how they react to respond to us. I tried it, and the respond is so much better, I am glad.*

Sleep more!
*Seriously, I need this, even though I have a lot in Tanjong Karang now. I feel the goodness of having enough sleep, feeling really fresh and long standing energy. I am not trying to promote this guy name 'lazy', I mean enough sleep not overslept. I don't have to elaborate, try it and your body will tell you the answer*




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