Friday, 13 August 2010

Day 12 challenge : Why I blog?

Day 12 - how you find out about blogger and why you made one

All this have to flash back where I am sitting right now 4 years ago
Post number 269 has mark how many baby steps I had took for this blog until I had brought up today
This blog is going to blow its birthday candles on 16th August this year

4 years ago, this blog started no other than curiosity
My brother owned his blog far before that
During my school days, I used to have the time to create stories and wrote a few books
I found them in my cupboard few days ago and it was really naive
Funny plus non-logical stories with friends as characters
With passion, interest and love
This is how this blog started

It started with effortless baby steps
I did not know the main concern of this empty space and what should I fill in
Before the real passion was found, this is totally an abandon site
Until around 2009, I found the interest of blogging and I am way back the technology world

It might be annoying when there is update or are updates everyday
Yeah, everyday
This is not because I am too free
Recently, blogging has been in my hobby and interest list
Seriously and sincerely.

My pink Dell Inspiron 1420 has been my company in every post here
This is going to continue...

Maybe it can be my part time job in the future other than working in health care field?

There are still lots of leap to take to become a real good blogger
Trying my very best to prove myself a 'blogger'

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