Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Day 02 challenge : My blog

Day 02 - The meaning behind your blog name and blog description

I changed my blog name quite a number of time. I guess I am going to settle down with "crazylife". Who knows in the future I am going to change it again.

crazylife has nothing special other than my life being really crazy for over 20 years.
Since there are mostly about my life in this blog to share with the others, I am kind of like spreading my really crazy life.
Life at home for me is crazy (the positive type of crazy), life in hostel / with house mates are crazily happy, life in hospital is crazily up and down but I love all the craziness. Friends, family members and more people around me.

Blog description :
♥ Me ♥ Life ♥ Family ♥ Food ♥ Travel ♥ Fashion ♥ Love ♥ Photography ♥ Pets ♥

It is mostly about my blog contents. 

♥ Me and life is to match my blog title crazylife.

♥ Family, who wants to miss out them? They are my most important people in this blog and my crazy crazy life.

♥ Food, something I blog the most when I am not blogging about my super emo life. I love the adventure of hunting for different food in different places. I still love churros until now. Nothing has replaced the top spot yet.

Travel is one of the thing that I want to accomplish it so bad until now. I am crazy over Vernice, Salzburg, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and lots more to count. For the moment, sadly and fortunately as well, I have been to Singapore. While in Malaysia, I haven't cover Kedah, Perlis and Sarawak yet.

Fashion.. Talking about fashion, I am not expert at all. Kind of lack the sense of it when it comes to all girls talk. I have been wasting quite a lot buying damn God knows how many clothes and dress that I haven't get the chance to wear for the 2nd and 3rd chance. ("Bazir duit" from my brother is echoing in my ears now)

Love.. This is a very hard thing to post up in the public since from the previous post I had mentioned I am single. I know this will the most interesting topic if I ever post up in my blog. I will leave it crazily mysterious. Complicated things do happened. Anyway, it is tiring to think of it. So, I am up to God to decide the pathway for me because He knows better.

Photography actually isn't something new to me. I just kind of didn't expand it to the max. Plus, I love to be in the picture than the one holding the camera (Ooops!). Having my new toy Samsung Wave with me now is a great start again in the pathway of photography. DSLR will still be the best choice, but who says Samsung Wave is way down than a DSLR? It brightens my blog anyway.

Pets. I am born a pet lover. I am not afraid of fluffy pets or non-fluffy (err..). I used to dream to become a vet. Due to job opportunity and the market here in the local, I think human needs more medical attention. But I will not neglect the pet as well. I even mentioned about dog in my Leptospirosis post. Someday, I wish I can be a volunteer in SPCA, Malaysia




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