Saturday, 28 August 2010

Day 27 : why am I doing this?

Day 27 : why are you doing this 31-day challenge

Exactly! This is the question that I have been waiting for. Because this is what I have been asking myself as well, why am I doing this? I am only updating my blog with answers of questions, not really what is happening around me. In this 27 days, my blog has turn out to be a Q&A site than an update of my so called crazy life.

One that I can confirm is this is completely out of boredom. Through the lens of a brighter side, this give me a chance to activate my brain for critical thinking. Believe me, I only read through the list of the task once when I first decide to do it or not. So, I only know what I am going to write on the day itself, which means I check the list everyday I log into blogger.

Life in Tanjong Karang improved but still mundane, to date. Improved, it may due to after more than a week here, I start to adjust my daily life here. No more walking around the toilet looking around whether it is dirty or not, no more watching the trail ants rushing on my wall. Mundane, because it does not change what is in my mind, my perception. I look at the mirror everyday, fortunately, no mushroom grows on my head yet. Or perhaps, I myself is already a big mushroom a.k.a fungi walking around Tanjong Karang.

Doing community health posting in a kampung area during fasting month isn't a good idea at all. Worrying a lot about lunch and also dinner. Lesser for the latter, though. We still can follow the bus to the bazaar in the evening. But, the bazaar here is below so-so level, I am out of idea what to munch and digest. I have to take in KFC food that I never list in my favourite. Help!

P.S - Just jog today. But damn bad result, not very happy about it. Darn. So long didn't jog already, shouldn't slack for so long in between last run.

The missing piece is unlikely a cat for me.
It should be my friends & family 
Not to forget, nice food!




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