Sunday, 15 August 2010

Day 14 : A family story

Day 14 - interesting story about your family

Do I have to tell?

Here we go. From pictures I had shown in a lot of my previous post, and not forgetting the the one at the sidebar, it is clearly shown nothing more interesting than being together in my family. My dad's side has 5 siblings and same goes to my mom's side. This is amazing for me that it was such a coincidence or perhaps during the 50s' everyone has the same amount of siblings. Total up, I have 11 cousins all together.

Let's start from the top.

The most almighty ancestor I know was my great great grandfather, whom story was told by my grandpa and other family members a few times, Mr. Leong Yong. I am not sure whether the story about the great him was completely true. I was told he was a very heroic and master of kung fu China man that works somewhere in the palace. Sounds like watching Wong Fei Hung. And the kung fu story continues and bla bla bla... This is the most interesting part of my family when everyone start mentioning about the kung fu ancestor. Perhaps what they said is true after I saw Jalan Leong Yong in one of the road in Segamat. *gasp*

I live with my paternal grandpa and grandma, plus with my eldest aunt. Grandpa can be cute some times. He always bought me the same food everyday after I give a thumb-up in a particular breakfast. There is this one holiday, I had nasi lemak for almost everyday. Grandma is the world class cook, nobody can ever replace her as the President of kitchen. Whenever my cousins come to Segamat, none will get out of the house on diet or being thin. Aunt is the ever-loving assistant of grandma or perhaps the advertising CEO of the dishes/meals. She will introduce food to us and tell us to try.

My dad and mom, I don't have to tell much. They are my most lovely and cute people in my life. Dad can't multi task, so he wouldn't talk when he was eating, reading newspaper and watching TV. On the other hand, my mom always like to talk to him telling him this and that. At the end of the day, my dad didn't get any of it.

My one and only sibling is my koko (brother). The one that claimed I am super noisy and ran away when he first saw me after I was born. Interestingly, there is one time we speak Bahasa Melayu for years to each other. Now, we speak rojak language like a Malaysian. Seldom see him after he flew to Dublin and flew back to Penang.

My cousins are all lovely people around me. When we were young, we seldom met because some stay in KL, Teluk Intan as well as Johor Bahru. We were kind of scattered around Malaysia. We used to be very shy when we met during Chinese New Year or any holidays. We won't talk to each other until the adults initiate us. Fast forward to now, we don't have problem creating conversation. We talked about anything, everything or even vegetables! Lame, right? It just so random, because we are random as well.

Uncles and aunties are all very friendly people that we can talk and laugh together. When they talk to each other, they are amazingly cheerful. They can laugh so loud until it reaches us upstairs. That is a good sign, you know. Now I miss the merry atmosphere back in Segamat. Even the dog loves starring at us when we chatted around the house.




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