Monday, 23 August 2010

Day 22 : happy?

Day 22 : a picture of something that make you happy

I am now using the computer in the computer room in my Tanjong Karang complex, so I couldn't upload any picture right now.

To make me happy, most pictures do. A picture of family, friends and pets give the most effects. For this time, I will choose the picture of my soft toys. My soft toys are like a happy family and I am totally part of it. From having the most beloved and first ever soft toys Monie (dog) to the others such as Nemo, AhLut (giraffe), DaiTaoPok (dog), Lion, MutMut (christmas bear), Pink (pink bear), bear bear & dog dog. I even talk to them! I am not schizo, just part of my fun time. Don't ask me how I picked those names, they were completely random.

Tanjong Karang report :

Went to visit Hospital Tanjong Karang today and we were given a schedule to follow whether which unit we should visit and looked for the person in charge for briefing. We were supposed to go to 5 units today, 4 units tomorrow and another 4 on Wednesday. Due to the semangat of wanting more holidays this week, we had done 9 units today. Only 4 units left tomorrow and we will have our full day break on Wednesday. Friday is a holiday for Selangor, which means I am going to roll on my bed without worries. Instead of that, we actually wish to go back to KL for the weekends as we have 3 days holidays. My big group leader told us once we had finished our survey fast, we will be able to get the consent from doctor to go back KL. Looks like it is just some words but not a promise. My group (Kok Joo, John and I) had finished covering the kampung area, yet we are still stuck here. I am not sure about the reason why, perhaps there were groups still yet to be done. Another BIG SIGH of the day!

Nothing fun here
I didn't know what so fun here, so I interviewed friends around here to ask did they have fun
99.9% agree with me 




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