Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Day 23 : Craving

Day 23 challenge : something you crave for a lot

There a lot of things to crave off, but shouldn't be greedy here. If I am to put up the rule that I can only choose 1 in this challenge, I will choose having healthy body.

It was darn awful having very low immune system. It was not fun witnessing other people having fun while I myself couldn't absorb the fun due to the dry immune system I had.

I am craving for having a healthy body that I can wake up without worrying am I going to be in trouble later after eating this and that.

Maybe a lot of people will think craving for food is the most important than craving for more comfort, with the reason as long as there's something satisfying the tongue. Duh! Tongue? And the next thing your brain get tricked by your taste buds. It is a blessed to crave for food because some people never ever taste those food.

I just want a better health so that I won't turn moody in front of people and spoil somebody's day.
Receiving sympathy is unlikely what I want at all

Tanjong Karang Times 
reported by myself

It shouldn't be my last time having a tour in Hospital Tanjong Karang as my group was given 3 days schedule. Anyway, we had finished visiting all the remaining units today and so I am free since 10.30am today. It was neither a good news nor a bad one. Due to my group speed visiting in hospital, I am free tomorrow. The slot for Thursday in our schedule is community survey. It was also due to my group speed survey and lack of houses in our area, we have holidays on Thursday as well. Friday is going to be a public holiday and Saturday  & Sunday are weekends (do I have to tell..sigh)

It means - I am going to be free from now on until Sunday. But doctor did not approved our application to go back KL this weekend. The third big SIGH of the week!

These few days I did not do much except watching TVB drama series and Sudoku-ing in my room. So what if there is air conditioner in the room and there is nothing around this place. People called this Hawaii posting or somehow a place for honeymoon. I don't see Hawaii, I don't see honey, I don't see moon, but I see trees!

All right, since I am so bored, I watched Ghost Writer and have no physical contact with my internal medicine books yet. So bored yet so lazy right? Studying is not really my type. I prefer reading story book, watching drama, playing Sudoku and other mind challenging games.

Wonder when this is going to come to an end. 
Can't wait for Raya holidays!
Traveling time~




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