Thursday, 19 August 2010

Day 18 - Plans and JKM

Day 18 : plans/dreams/goals you have

Duh, how many times do I have to tell about all these? It is easy and simple. No other than chasing my career in medical field, being healthy, be good to all my friends and love them, love my family and appreciate them and travel as much as I can.

Speaking about plans, since I am going to have the same Raya holiday with my brother, we plan to pay a visit to Universal Studio in Singapore. Still not sure whether it will turn out a success and my cousin haven't reply me whether she has her holiday as well to be with us. I seriously miss Singapore. Flipping through my passport, I have only Singapore immigration stamps on it. The one and only.

Another version of "dreams", these few nights I have super weirdo dreams. Few nights ago I had a dream having some party or gathering with my course mates I have now. The surprising part was one of them is pregnant. (and I still can remember who is that in my dream, don't ask me who, this is just real funny and don't forget it was in la la land)

It has been my 4th day doing my second posting, community health, otherwise called as JKM (Jabatan Kesihatan Malaysia). But it is just the second day I spent in Tanjong Karang, one of the mukim in Kuala Selangor. Girls are the lucky one here, we stay in the complex provided by UKM with 24 hours guard, drivers and a room of 2 with air conditioner. On the other hand, the guys stay in rental house nearby (not really by walking distance, that's why they drive here just to have the car to drift around).

Nothing much done here, so far. I labeled it as a boring posting for now. 

Lucky me, I am in group Kuala Selangor. We spend most of our activities around the area here and sometimes just inside this complex where I stay. Another half of my friends are group Sabak Bernam, they have to wake up earlier for their activities there. Seriously, I am lucky and I am talking about being bored. Duh...

Oh yeah, there is no Wi-Fi here. I still have some briefing or so called talk by the people from District Health Officer at two. I am just hanging around in this tofu size computer room now. Just to keep my readers update as well as my family members that read this.




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