Sunday, 29 August 2010


I am leaving the task for day 28 until I reach home in like 5 or 6 days later. I am using public desktop in the complex here right now, and it is not interesting without pictures to call it task accomplishment. 

Not really in the mood of writing today. I have been pressing my butt on the bed here since last Wednesday until today without really doing anything. There is a soon-to-be hole on my bed soon. At least there is fieldwork tomorrow, but I didn't hope it is a long one. I feel guilty that I yawned too much unconsciously whenever I have lecture, fieldwork or briefing. I never realized I yawn and yawn multiple times, but the person who was talking give me some awkward unhappy look. Then only I realized I actually yawn a lot and my impression dropped in jet speed. Not that I am sleepy, I just *yawn*. How easy.

Slacking too long in between without a jog gives me awful muscles sore now, in every part of my leg and thigh. Ouch! I even have awkward gait when I am walking on my less than an inch heeled sandals resisting the pain. The pain completely comes in every directions. I wonder this is called 'semangat' or 'padan muka'..

I will be super glad if someone can be my calories counter and diet advisor.
I have been eating all types of food in a coma mode.




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