Sunday, 1 August 2010

Eat, drink, run

I didn't take in a any rice or noodles at all on Saturday (yesterday)
I am not on diet, it happened naturally
These few days I have been very lazy to write or make any sentence
Everything just didn't go right
Grammar here and there being very messy
I am not sure whether my left hemisphere of my brain is working (right or left?)

Pictures don't really lie, let them do all the talking instead

Late breakfast
Bun with triple fillings
Omelette, chicken floss and smoked meat
Plus with my G'day Vanilla Latte

Lunch in Lavender, AEON Bukit Tinggi
More pastas for my cousins
Mushroom soup
Some (oh dear, amnesia) chicken with rice
It tastes good and I don't remember what chicken

My lunch : Scone with butter, blueberry jam & whipped cream

damn, what's that drinks?
Green (err) honey tea?
Passion fruit sparkling drinks
Ice lemon tea

Some relaxing tea break in Pacific Coffee
Shared Chocolate Paradise with Tyng
Picture : This is Chocolate Damnation
Looks plain from the outside

Lesson learned : Do not judge a cake by its _____
(can't think of anything, just fill in the blank)

After all that eating and drinking, I ran on the treadmill at night while watching Karate Kid
Very poor result
3km in 45 minutes in the pace of 3km/hour and 6km/hour alternately
Somehow it said I burnt 4 donuts..

Wonder what's wrong with me today...
Forgetting stuff
Hope I remember tomorrow is Monday and today is Sunday




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