Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Day 16 : Myself & rantings

Day 16 : Another picture of yourself

Luckily, it was a simple task today for my forever never ending 31-day challenge.
Before that, I wish I can rant about indigested feelings in my heart. I am leaving KL to Tanjung Karang in 12 hours from now. I didn't feel like I am going to leave, at the same time, I don't feel like leaving as well. I have been annoying Pei Zhi about how un-fun it feels to be in this posting when people with the experience kept pursuing me to change my perception. I hope this perception can change as fast as I can. I want to enjoy and be happy, I am serious.

I shouldn't complain so much and just go for it without any worries. Should curve my downward lips upwards, I don't care! I am put in a good group with friends around, not bad mentor, good roommate and everything is good. I shouldn't be so negative. Duh.. Everyone seems to hate their second posting now. Maybe too much love was placed on the first posting and the love has run dry and low now. Need some time to recharge.

Archery in Sunway Pyramid




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