Saturday, 14 August 2010

Day 13 : A letter to someone who has hurt me

Day 13 - a letter to someone who has hurt you recently

Dear You (yes, you!)

Hi, how are you? I hope you are in the pink of health. I am as fit as fiddle here, in my top form. (lol, so formal). All right, straight to the point. To avoid being a jerk here or sound like a monster here, I am hereby to warn you I am very angry right now. Yes, angry, don't be puzzled. Not only angry, there is a scar of blade in my heart now. If you ask me why, I can tell you it is you. Don't you just get it?

You are not only hurting my inner soul badly, you hurt my head as well. It hurts so badly that blood resurface on my skin. Water sprinkle can make it so painful, you don't even need to put salt on it. I don't like how I feel now and writing a letter to show you that I am hurt totally reflects my own self being such a jerk. This is not what I usually do to someone that hurt me.

I take good care of you so much, I love you more than anything. Nothing is placed higher than you in me. I pamper you so much like my baby. You smell so nice and ever-loving. You always stick beside me but why don't you just understand me. I just want more comfort from you and love me more. It is just a simple request, why can't you do it. You make me feel I had waste all my time loving you and taking care of you. Waste money and time.

You dandruff! Stop itching my scalp. Blood resurface when I scratch it because it itch so much that I feel like having flea. I changed to a better smell shampoo just to pamper you with something new and fresh being yourself. I take care of you like no other. But why you can't tolerate with the new shampoo and cause pain after every scratch. Ouch!



Mr Lonely said...

cheer up~ =D


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