Monday, 2 August 2010

Day 01 challenge : Interesting facts about myself

Day 01 - A recent picture of you (myself) and 15 interesting facts about myself

Recent picture.

15 interesting facts about myself
(Maybe it is not so interesting after all)

The most interesting thing is having a name called Leong Qi Wen. Almost 50% or more people get my name wrong most of the time

I share the same birthday with Prince William.
Nothing to be excited about

I learned piano at the age of 6 and graduated with ABRSM certificate of Grade 8 at the age of 15
I failed my Grade 5 exam
(ABRSM = Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music)

Behind my house is Sungai Segamat and my house was flooded until the level of waist during Johor Mega Flood December 2006

The name Elisabeth was given to myself by myself when I watched Survivor Season 2 where one of a very lovely contestant I supported named Elisabeth

I never own a pen drive.
All I have before this was my brother's 256MB free stuff from UCD

I used to have collection of Michael Owen's pictures. Then I changed it to Frank Lampard

Doctor has never been put into my ambition list when I was in school
Now, I am a medical student

The first sports I represent my school was rhythmic gymnastic
In the category of hoop, ball, clubs and rope
I didn't compete in the ribbons event

I was once an athlete, a cheerleader and commander on the same day during Sports Day 2006
(I am glad I made the decision to take part in all 3 events at once. That was my last sports day in my life for now)

I am totally spoiled by my parents and brother as the youngest

The first soft toy I had was my doggie named Monie from my mom at the age of 15!

At home, I sleep with Monie, AhLut (giraffe), Nemo, 3 bear bear, Dai Tao Pok (another doggie), Lion
All my soft toys

I am not efficient in medical stuff at all, actually.
I am most efficient in language

I am single




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