Friday, 20 August 2010

Not my day

Even though it is just 1pm now, this is totally not my day. I hardly have a nice sleep due to my abdominal cramp that disturb me a lot. Then, waking up at 4 for toilet. Then more toilet breaks to come, diarrhea. Not only that, I had vomited twice in the morning. The pain is awful, the nausea and vomiting feeling was such a disaster to me.

I am not only losing water from my body, but losing my opportunity to go to Hospital Tanjong Karang with my group. There is community survey coming up at 2.30pm later, I hope I am able to go as this is the major group work that we have to do it together. Already guilty with my absence this morning with my Kuala Selangor group, I really hope my body is recharging back to a better condition to join the survey.

Another thing, there is no electricity here right now. Goodness, the weather is totally red-HOT-chili-pepper! Anyway, there is a trail of ants walking so fast or perhaps running on the wall in two directions from and to the windows. From my observation, the ants are telling me it is going to rain this evening.

Let's see how these ants change the chili weather into the cucumber version later on.

My stomach is getting better now, less diarrhea, no sign of vomiting. Only sweating a lot. Still a little of weakness in my body due to food restriction, no oily and super solid food.



Tyng (梁绮庭) said...

OMG! we had diarrhea on the same day! twice also! I woke up at 8 because of abdominal cramp.

but luckily i got better and was able to go with my friend and her family to look at houses. lol.


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