Sunday, 8 August 2010

Last day in Internal Medicine

As mentioned as title, my first posting has officially ended on Friday, which mark 1-week break I am going to have before setting back the mood again to continue my second posting.
I really hope this means 25% of my 3rd year is completed without any reloading of the progress.
Same to all my posting mates out there
Who might read this or not

Brief review on what happened on the last day (Short Case Day!)
(It might not be that brief)

The night before, Pei Zhi and I revising most of the potential cases & did all the examinations
We revised from sitting on the mattress until we lie down and sit up again
We slept around 12am and woke up 6.30am to prepare ourselves
While I was brushing my teeth, I had palpitation!
Anxiety, nervous gila...

We gathered at 10th floors before 8am, most people were there already
We saw patients brought to the examination cubicles
Getting more nervous
The part that made me more nervous and time wasting was when they called our name one by one
Then, gave everyone a number
And then, they called the number again just to keep our handphone accordingly

Should be good to be placed number 21
My birthday number
And, it was somewhere in the front half of all my posting friends
My group from number 13 to 24 was the 2nd group to go in

My first case was Grave's Disease, which I can get the diagnosis
But there were holes here and there during the examination
Dr. Wong had to remind me here and there
I think she must be thinking what I had done these 8 weeks
Seriously, this is my first time resting my hand on a swollen neck and do examination on the neck

Second case was splenomegaly by examining the abdomen
Gasp! I didn't check peripheral, I examine the abdomen directly
Because, I thought the instruction "Examine the abdomen" was just the abdomen
Just barely answered the causes of splenomegaly and the time was up

After all that, I walked back to Prisma and I tried to take a nap
I just couldn't fall asleep even thought my brain was crying for rest
My eyes was totally exhausted
At 2pm, I went to HUKM again with Pei Zhi
She took a cab to bus station, while I planned to attend lecture and to hand in my log book
The lecture was cancelled
I walked back again

Then, Siew Im & I decided to chill the day by going to the pool
So, we went...

At night, I walked to Ibnu Sina (a place in the hostel inside HUKM area)
Gathered with my buddies Boon Chin & Hui Fang there waiting for our lil' buddy, Eddy and Joanne
Then we had dinner in A-Wet in Taman Yulek
It is a Thai Restaurant
We waited for our most senior buddy a.k.a the houseman, Dr. Wong Yu Jun 
We ate and chatted til around 11pm++

Legs cooling method in a HOT day

Me + Siew Im


I still love being called "The Internal Medicine people"



sarinah said...

i like the last sentence, "I still like being called the people" :D.
*we can easily be recognized with our pockets full with things* haha...

next, "we r the jkm people" pulak... :)


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