Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Day 24 : A letter

Day 24 : a letter to your parents

Before I realized this was my task for today in my blog, I was thinking when this 31-day challenge is going to end. It is not that I did not enjoy the challenge, it is hard to maintain good posts along the challenge when there is inconvenience of internet facilities here in this small town of Kuala Selangor. After reading what's in the line for me on the 24th day of my challenge, it did triggered me for a moment before I can proceed placing my fingers on the keyboard before dancing through it. A letter.. The last time I wrote a letter to my parents was when I first entered matriculation, my English teacher gave all of us a task or so-called homework to write a letter home to our parents telling them what we felt and experienced after 1 week of matriculation life.

Frankly speaking, I never really write a letter to my parents for the purpose of stay connected. All I do everyday was to call them. Seriously, none of the day I did not talk to my mom. The only letter I wrote was all given as task. So, here I go again, for the second time in my life.

Mommy & Daddy,
     Zhe li dou bu hao wan de. Bu tong zuo mo ren jia quan bu dou shuo lai dao zhe li le dao hui hen relax. Wo men mei gei jiu zhuo dao hen sien na yang. Mei tian zhuo de dong xi dou hen men de, bu hao wan de. Ei, bu yao jiang le la, gai tian cai zai tian hua jiang ok? 


"It is not fun here. I didn't know why the others mentioned that it is very relaxing here during this posting. But, all of us here right now are so bored. The things that we are doing now are all really boring and not really that fun as expected. All right, I better stop here, we talk in the phone next time, ok?"

If you see, I don't talk or write formally to my parents. Being too formal unlikely to be my style when I was with someone very close to me because ideally it doesn't show love at all. Secondly, I speak mandarin and cantonese only to my parents. I am not good at all in creating formal sentence in Chinese as I only know speaking language, not really in reading and writing it. The letter might look or perhaps completely lame and useless, but I don't think it is necessary to me. I talk about everything to my mom everyday (yes, emphasize on everyday), what can I tell more in a letter?




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