Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Another year of independency

*yawn* (again)

Merdeka meh? Oh my gawd! So not patriotic.

I know it is Independence Day for Malaysia today, 31st August. Just for a moment, it doesn't register in my mind what is happening. The reason? It was due to our community survey work deadline was the same day as our Malaysia's birthday. We have to redo our data analysis due to sample size error and I did it again for the third time. It was actually not a real tough work like what I thought, maybe it was due to 3 times repetitive experiences. Anyway, having the chance to sit in front of this desktop and placing my fingers in this black keyboard (cut the crap) means I am in my relaxing mood now. The work is done, finally. From 11pm to 3am, with a bunch of people singing patriotic songs with sparkles outside my room and the work continue at 11am just now once I opened my eyes for another new day.

This is not my very first time celebrating merdeka in different places, but this include as a new place for me. I celebrated most of our beloved Independence Day in school last time, joining activities like interclass netball, card making contest, crossword, Malaysia history quizzes and gaining experience as emcee in my school. After leaving the school era, I celebrate all of these day in my matriculation college, hostel in Titiwangsa and this time in a place called Tanjong Karang doing SPSS. *sigh*

Raya holiday is approaching. My mind and soul currently traveling on their own back to my hometown. My shell (body) is still a big mushroom reput-ing in Tg Karang. Feels better after my job was kind of done.

So, how's your Independence Day today?




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